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My Current Skincare Routine + Acne Control

Hello People!!
I have been thinking about writing this post for the longest time... Let me give you a little background before I go on with it. So, I have sensitive skin which is acne prone and on top of it, it gets super oily during the summer and gets patchy dry during all in all I dont have the most ideal skin type. This summer I had a very severe reaction to a supplement that I started taking without asking the doctor and within days I had the worst acne attack on my cheeks and jawline. Initially I thought it will subside in a few days but it didn't, after 2 weeks I went to a nearby dermatologist who prescribed me a few facial ointments, a face wash and a sun block along with a few tablets and she asked me to get my blood test done and few more tests. It was a 3 week long medication before I could say if it worked for me or not but to be honest the medication slowed down the acne but it was still very painful and now almost 4 weeks had passed :( 
It was getting se…

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