Apps that I can't do without!

Everywhere you look, everyone you look at, almost everyone these days is just so much into their mobile phones. At times, I think what is happening to all of us, we have become so addicted to our phones but then my mind gives me n number of good reasons to be on my phone all the know what I mean??

Every now and then I like to turn myself away from the technology and just enjoy myself like I used to when I was younger and when there were no mobile phones or laptops and even internet..every few months I disconnect from all sorts of social medias for a few days and when I am convinced that I can still do without a phone and laptop then only I connect back to the virtual world. You see it is quite important in this time and age that you actually give yourself a break from the virtuality and connect back to the reality and prioritize the things in your life. Having said that, me being me there are a few things (talking about the material things here) in life that I am still too much attached to even after trying to get detached...and you must have guessed by of those things is my mobile phone....But wait...what is it that makes it so hard for me to put away my phone?? No, I am not talking about the features of my iphone 7...because that goes without saying...however, there is something else too...
Well it's The Apps, I am sure all of us have our favorite set of apps that we just can't do without. So, In today's post I am going to talk about my most favorite apps.. Let's get started!!

1. Google

All hail to Google Baba!!
I think I am not the only one here who just can't do without google, I mean I don't know what I would do without google...for anything and everything I have google :)

2. MyFitnessPal:

Well, if you like to track your daily nutrition and activity levels then this is the app for you. I know iphone has an amazing inbuilt health app but MyFitnessPal is a level up. You can log in all the food items you intake throughout the day and this app tells you your total calorie intake including things like fat, protein, carbs etc etc..and that's not all, it tells you the number of steps you have taken, how many floors you have climbed, you can log in your workout routine and see how many calories you have burnt approximately and you also get recipes and great articles to read. So, if you like to maintain your weight or you intend to loose some then this app comes in handy :) 

3. TOI

I don't spend hours reading the newspaper in the morning nor I like to sit in front of the television for hours to watch news. This app works just fine for me to stay up to date with what's happening in the world :)

4. Pinterest:

This app is my absolute favorite, I spend hours daily on it and I am not kidding. I love browsing through it, I mean it's a gold mine for ideas and inspirations for any damn topic!! And not to forget the pin boards, I have my secret ideas and dreams pinned away in my account :)

5. Uber:

I think this app is a life saver. It's just so convenient to book a cab now plus they keep giving you discounts if you are a regular :) 
p.s you can use this code jasminew11187ue and get Rs 50 off on your first 3 rides!!

There are still so many apps that I haven't mentioned here because I can just go on and on but I think I am going to cover all the apps category wise like my most favorite fitness apps, photo editing apps, shopping apps etc etc..Anyhow coming back to this post, I would love to know your favorite apps too, so do leave your comments and let me know :) Also this post is in no way sponsored by any of the apps\companies mentioned above.

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  1. Well said! We ate so addicted to technology that life without it is like living in isolated island. Ofcourse we can survive there but life would be too hard.
    Mine is Google Map. I think its the most important app for me. I still remember the days when i was a kid and used sit on my Dad's bike. During that time every single human being was the route advisor on the road. But now technology has changed the time of human being who owns a smart phone. Now we don't have to find a route advisor we have our own personal advisor that is Google Map. Which not only tells us about the route but also tells us the best route we can choose.

    The other App I use most is Wynk music, being the music lover, it's the best partner I have all the time. It helps in avoiding boredom, it kills the traffic aggression and it's with me when I'm sad and when I am happy.

    And ofcourse how can I not mention facebook - totally connected with everyone when I'm actually not connected with them from many years

    Applications have streamlined our search and made us more focus on what we actually like. So we can only spend our time in what we love rather getting into everything.

    1. Very correctly said Divya :)
      Even I love google maps it's such a time saver!! And that's true with the help of these apps our searches have streamlined!!

  2. My top 5 frequently used apps are
    1. Google has to be.being a mother I m constantly being questioned abt is my saviouršŸ˜³and of course google maps-no more asking for directions.

    2.pinterest...I am hooked to it .love the diy's
    3. Instagram..I m more on insta than on FB these days..just exploring. and various other shopping sites.
    5.ola ..out and about


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