First Step

The First Step

Why is it always the first step that takes the maximum time?
Why is it always the hardest?
Why does it always come with an air of doubt and confusion?

In our minds, it's only a step forward to take but the heart knows what it takes to take that first step into the unknown. But isn't it worth taking the initial step which takes us into the world of possibilities.

I think we all somewhere or the other want to take that first step...take that chance...give ourselves that fair shot. But mind you, there will be failures and you will fall however in those failures will lie many opportunities and new doors that will open for you and most importantly those failures will give you life lessons..

So, I say again, take that first step my friend with all your might and see what's in store for you, where it takes you.. don't fear the unknown and the failures for there are always hidden life lessons in them!!

Talking from personal experience, more than often I let go of an idea thinking it is small or it just won't work or simply because I am not confident about it...without giving it a fair chance and regret later on that missed opportunity. For me, most of the times I think too much about the if's and but's and the how's..and it just gets overwhelming at times and it scares me. I often fail at making commitments when it comes to myself and my dreams but then who am I kidding? Until I don't take that first step, I won't know how it works..

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