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I have been thinking about writing this post for the longest time... Let me give you a little background before I go on with it. So, I have sensitive skin which is acne prone and on top of it, it gets super oily during the summer and gets patchy dry during all in all I dont have the most ideal skin type. This summer I had a very severe reaction to a supplement that I started taking without asking the doctor and within days I had the worst acne attack on my cheeks and jawline. Initially I thought it will subside in a few days but it didn't, after 2 weeks I went to a nearby dermatologist who prescribed me a few facial ointments, a face wash and a sun block along with a few tablets and she asked me to get my blood test done and few more tests. It was a 3 week long medication before I could say if it worked for me or not but to be honest the medication slowed down the acne but it was still very painful and now almost 4 weeks had passed :( 

It was getting serious and it was time for me to see a new doctor. So, this time the doctor again asked me to get some tests done (there were 14 tests to be precise) and only after looking at the reports she prescribed me with the medicines. Initially she gave me 2 ointments for my face which had to be alternatively used every other day along with some oral medicines. Again the treatment went on for 3 weeks and thankfully the medicines and ointments worked for me, the pain that I was going through for so many weeks was gone, acne started drying up in 2 weeks but it left me with ugly acne marks (trust me you don't want to see those). The medication went on for almost 3 months and I am still using the skincare products prescribed by her and the good thing about these products is that anyone can use these as they are not medicated :) So, that was my little back to my skincare routine!!

Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam 

As the name suggests it's a cleansing foam and it is soap and alkali free which makes it super mild. I take the required quantity and gently massage it onto my face and leave it on for 3 mins as mentioned in the directions. This cleansing foam has become my holy grail face wash as it leaves my skin soft and squeaky clean, dries out the acne, controls the blackheads and whiteheads. In short it does everything it claims for!!

Dr. Reddy's Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control

Generally I am very cautious when it comes to moisturising my skin because my skin breaks out in no time but this one is an exception as it actually controls the excess sebum, It doesn't make my already oily skin more oily infact it mattifies the skin beautifully. I just take 2 pumps out of it for my entire face and neck and it doesnt take more than 5 secs to get absorbed in the skin giving a lovely glow to the skin. 

Curatio EGA Cream

I started using this in the 3rd week of August and it has become my most favorite cream/moisturizer. Along with the not so ideal skin type I had another issue and it was my forehead, I had extremely rough forehead rather bumpy and uneven skin and it never looked hydrated but since I have started using it I have seen remarkable changes in my skin, it is more soft and supple and it works great as an under eye cream as well. And the best part is my skin just absorbs it instantly. 
p.s It is best used as a night cream :)

EUA THERMALE Avene Triacneal Expert 

My doctor prescribed this as I had alot of acne scars on my cheeks, I was told by the doctor that it is going to be a slow process and asked me not to expect any overnight scar reductions. So, I had my expectations set :)
This one again I started using in August, So it basically helps in reducing stubborn acne marks and has anti irritating properties which helps in soothing the skin texture. The acne spots have definitely lightened but its still going to take some time till my skin gets completely clear but I am happy with the results. I just use it on the spots and not on the whole face coz I use EGA.
p.s I also use tomato skin to lighten the acne spots.

BIODERMA Sebium Pore Refiner

Now this one works like magic for my pores.. In last one year since I have moved back from London I have seen a lot of changes in my skin texture especially my skin pores, they have become so visible mainly around my nose and forehead area. But this cream is definitely working for me, I feel the pores around my nose and the eyebrow area have shrunk decently (not completely but still...), my skin feels and looks velvety soft post this cream. I love the texture of this cream, it's super smooth and glides on the skin surface effortlessly. I even use it as a primer before makeup. I think this one is a must have if you have an enlarged pore situation like me.
p.s I still need to see its long term effect on the skin though..

La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40

The best thing about this sunscreen is that it doesn't make my skin oily or sticky also it doesn't leave any white cast post applying it. Even though the sun protection factor is not very high but it works for me and I don't mind reapplying it every few hours when I am out. 

So, these are my current skincare products which also help in keeping the acne at bay. Also, in this post I have just written briefly about the products but if you would like to read a detailed review of any of the products do let me know :) And if you have any queries regarding anything related to this post do leave a comment or email me at (

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p.s this post is not sponsored and these are my honest views :)
P.p.s. After my yesterday's rant post I am feeling pretty light :) 
p.p.p.s I just noticed that sequence in the pictures and the sequence of the brief reviews is not the same...Oh NO!! but I am too lazy to edit now...blahh

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