Random Rant!!

Have you ever been in a situation or phase in your life that made you question yourself about the things you usually don't think about or do not want to think about?? I am assuming that I am not alone in this coz I do think about such things most of the times these days. I have been lying really low for quite some time now and mainly that's the reason I don't blog as I hardly ever have the motivation to write anything. At times things just get too much to handle for me, its not like I run from my problems but at times I just miss being the younger version of me who knew how to filter out the negative from the positive, who could see things more practically and who was more balanced and expressive and ya who was a free spirit and a happy person.

Anyhow, enough of my random rant. 
As for now...there is nothing new at my end. 

Signing off for now, but before I go...here's one more :)

Until next time,

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  1. I know how it is..when u r adult but u don't feel like an adult but expected to behave like one.it gets confusing and things stop making sense anymore!!


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